LIFE Recovery – helping set women free from substance addictions.

LIFE Recovery is a registered Assisted Living Residence.

The choice to leave drug and alcohol addiction is up to the individual to make, but the road to recovery does not have to be walked alone. LIFE Recovery Home works on the belief that people with addictions are trapped by an overwhelming and deadly compulsion, but that through God’s power and their own will, they can be free! Programs focus on the roots of addiction to rehabilitate the whole person body, spirit and soul.

While living together in community, residents receive support through recognized programs, such as Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous, one-on-one and group Christian counseling as well as a comprehensive Life Skills program.

LIFE Recovery is an intense and extensive program – and after three months residents celebrate a recognition day and are gradually encouraged to re-enter society. LIFE Recovery Home remains a place where they can return for love, understanding and support.


We also have a second stage Alumni House for clients graduating from LIFE Recovery first stage program. The second stage program gives women a greater chance of continuing in their sobriety by providing support and structure as they transition back into the community. We have a dedicated counselor for our Alumni.

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