LIFE Recovery Home

Who We Are

Located in Abbotsford, BC, LIFE Recovery Home is a non-profit women’s residential recovery program. Utilizing a widely proven 12-step program and support meetings, LIFE Recovery provides rehabilitation for women bound by substance addictions. LIFE Recovery has capacity for up to 18 women and encourages all of our residents to embrace and adhere to Christian beliefs, living in relationship with Jesus Christ. At LIFE Recovery, a high percentage of our program graduates continue on to live in freedom and remain sober upon leaving the home.


Our mission is to be a safe, structured and supportive environment for women who have decided to replace a lifestyle of drug and alcohol abuse for freedom from addiction. 

We encourage women to put their faith in Jesus Christ and allow Him to take an active part in their recovery process.

We acknowledge that recovery does not happen overnight and strive to resolve the underlying issues that are often overlooked as the cause of addiction.

To carry out our mission, we provide a loving family of staff members who can recognize and bring out a woman’s inherent goodness, while setting positive, loving limits on her behavior.

Our drug and alcohol treatment programs are designed to reflect our mission and philosophy.


  • To provide a safe, caring and Christian home for recovering drug and alcohol addicts
  • To provide therapy (group and individual) and other rehabilitation services
  • To introduce or re-introduce residents to the 12 –Step program (AA and NA)
  • To provide follow-up services and an after-care program
  • To help with transition and re-integration into society after completion of the program
  • To be a place where graduates may return for love, understanding and support


At LIFE Recovery Home, we believe the Bible is authoritative and complete and contains all the principles necessary for life in Christ.
We operate under the conviction that the inspired Word of God must be our foundation and inspiration in the counseling, treatment and rehabilitation process. Above all, we believe love and compassion should be at the heart of a Biblical-based ministry.

Furthermore, the authors of the book, Alcoholics Anonymous, emphasize that an addict’s problem is a spiritual sickness that can only be remedied by a “spiritual awakening”.  The authors go on to call out hurting ones to claim three pertinent and basic truths about themselves: 1) They are alcoholics unable to manage their own lives; 2) No human power can relieve their alcoholism; and 3) If He is sought, God can and will heal them.

The treatment approach at LIFE Recovery Home is based on the understanding that drug and alcohol dependency can best be treated if the complexity of the condition is acknowledged. This means taking into consideration the interactive nature of cultural, social, psychological, physiological and genetic factors. As such, LIFE Recovery Home serves as a non-medical facility, specifically for treating women, through a behavioral and cognitive approach to rehabilitation.

Our role is to help women achieve and maintain a substance-free state and improving their overall quality of life. We provide residents with a warm, family-like atmosphere as they travel the road to recovery.